Hermetic and ideal for practical conservation, the 100 gram (unless specified otherwise) Doypacks allow you to conserve and enjoy your tea serenely. The practical « zip » closings allow for optimum conservation. The selection of teas and plants in the Doypacks is representative of our line of loose teas. 

Amateurs of new flavours will be pleased by our recent selection of seven organic Doypacks indispensable for an initiation to the « grands crus » of Japan or China (sold individually or in a gift box). 
>> Organic teas from Japan: Bancha Hojicha, Sencha Yamato, Kukicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Matcha, cooking Matcha.
>> Organic teas from China: Qi Lan, Huang Mu Dan, Long Jing, Pu’Er, Keemun Mao Feng, Bai Mu Dan.


Tea boxes

Imagined to conserve your loose tea, our elegant line of 100 gram (unless otherwise specified) George Cannon boxes  are equipped with a double lid to protect you tea from light and humidity. The teas and plants are specially chosen from our line of loose teas. 

Gift boxes

George Cannon proposes several gift boxes which include high quality famous origin or flavoured teas selected for your tasting pleasure. An ideal gift for all amateurs who wish to be initiated to the tea universe. 

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Tea bags

Discover our line of individually wrapped luxury tea bags. Each box contains twenty individually wrapped oppalyte tea bags. This conditioning best preserves the tea. Our line consists of ten of the most popular George Cannon teas: famous origins, organic, perfumed blends or infusions. 

For practical daily consumption discover our line of twenty three flavours of teas and plants in hand sewn cotton tea bags. Each box contains twenty tea bags. 

Iced teas

Our iced tea line will seduce you by its subtle, fresh and delicate notes. The line consists of six references. Each boxes contains ten nylon, biodegradable and individually wrapped tea bags. To make your delicious iced tea put a tea bag in a glass recipient and add 0.5 liters of room temperature water. Let the mixture infuse for eight hours, take out the tea bag and put it in the refrigerator. Very thirst-quenching, the tea can be appreciated at any time of the day.  

George Cannon delicatessen

George Cannon has imagined high quality deli products made with tea for your culinary pleasure. Rich in new flavours, these products include tea jelly, olive oil, and cooking matcha for your cooking pleasure. 

Christmas range

Because tea is a perfect Christmas gift and Christmas time is a time of sharing, George Cannon has imagined a large line of Christmas products: Christmas teas, tea bags, metal boxes, gift boxes...

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Accessories around tea

With the opening of the tea room, rue Notre Dame des Champs in Paris, George Cannon has developed a range of accessories using its brand colours: boxes, bags and gift boxes. Made with the idea of protecting the quality of our teas, these products are ideal for the transport and conservation of your teas.