Organic teas

Since inception, the George Cannon motto is: quality is written in the genes of our company. Day after day the George Cannon engagement is to propose a range of high quality products. We have been developing our line of organic teas for over 10 years. We propose over 200 organic references from famous origins (India, Ceylon, Vietnam, Japan, China, Africa…) and flavoured blends. All our organic teas are free of fertilizers and pesticides and are grown with the utmost respect for the environment. All of these teas are guaranteed to be free of any harmful elements. Our teas carrying the organic logo are from organic farming and certified by FR-BIO-01 (formerly ECOCERT SAS F32600).

Flo Fairtrade teas

Born in the 60’s at the initiative of Non-Government Agencies (NGO) in the Netherlands and in England, the principle of FLO Fair Trade commerce is to help cooperatives and artisans in southern countries to develop in a sustainable manner. Initially limited to the production of artisans in developing countries, the concept has reached products of mass consumption such as tea and coffee. Fair Trade is a good concept to balance trade between northern and southern countries. Producers thus find their place on the world exchanges. Since several years and to satisfy its clients, George Cannon proposes Fair Trade teas labeled Flo Fair trade (Max Havelaar). About twenty references of famous origin (India, China) and flavoured blends, as well as herbal blends (Rooibos) are available.