Flavoured teas

Bringing a touch of fantasy and freshness, flavours integrated the tea world very naturally. A wide range of flavours are available today: fruits, flowers, plants, vegetables, spices… Contrary to what we may think, the use of flavours is very ancient and the Chinese have always flavoured some of their teas. Even for the Chinese, the creation of new flavours by the association of natural elements was essential. Refinement and well-being were at the heart of the creation of teas such as jasmine tea, rose tea or chrysanthemum tea. In the occidental world, teas perfumed with liquid flavourings have opened new markets and have attracted a large number of new amateurs. Flavoured teas have also modernized the image of tea. Most flavoured tea amateurs become, little by little, amateurs of classical, pure origin teas.



George Cannon flavoured teas

After understanding that flavoured teas represented an important potential for the family owned company, Olivier Scala, the actual Director of George Cannon, introduced flavoured teas in 1978. Initially he introduced a single fruit range (orange, black currant, lemon, vanilla…). Then, he introduced flavour combinations such as vanilla and mandarin, and vanilla, strawberry and caramel. He was constantly in search of a perfect balance between aromas and flavours. The range of flavoured teas commercialized by George Cannon increased from year to year and the work of tea taster was complemented by that of a creator of flavours. Olivier Scala’s son, Augustin Scala, formed as a tea taster, has also acquires the « savoir faire » and regularly creates new perfumed teas for the company. 

With a range of over 300 flavoured teas, the family company can be proud of presenting one of the widest selections on the market. Not only emblematic blends such as « Rouge Baiser », « Secret Tibetain » or « Pavillon Blanc » but also special blends created specifically for certain professional clients.

Exclusive blends created for the customers

Many of our clients ask us to create exclusive blends for them. George Cannon proposes this personalized service for any shop, company, personality who wishes to create an exclusive blend of tea or herbal teas. Depending on your demand, we create the blend that best reflects your desire. Fruity, flowery or gourmand, we adapt our creation to your wishes and let you choose the final blend after letting you taste test our propositions. If you wish to contact our sales desk for the creation of a personalized, exclusive blend, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For an estimate concerning an exclusive blend