Inside tea gardens

For over thirty years Olivier Scala has travelled the principal tea plantations of the world. He has met with knowledgeable producers and has taste tested, with them, the fruit of their harvests. Following in his father’s footsteps, he has maintained relationships and has created new ones which have permitted the company to buy some of the most amazing harvests. Olivier Scala’s son, Augustin Scala, has accompanied his father in his travels for about ten years now and taste tests and selects with him all of the high quality teas. A mutual confidence between the tea producing countries and the George Cannon company has allowed George Cannon to obtain the exclusive rights to commercialize the tea production of the Mahalderam district organic garden, Jungpana. This possibility attests to the close relations which exist between the tea producing countries and the family owned George Cannon company.

George Cannon and his tea producers

Very engaged with tea producers, George Cannon works closely with the famous gardens such as those of Darjeeling (Margaret’s Hope, Castleton…), as well as with the small plantations held by ethnic minorities such as those in Fujian, China. George Cannon’s knowledge of the plantations permits them to designate their purchases depending on their needs and desires…



Famous great teas

Each tea selected by George Cannon has a particular and characteristic taste. Every trip for the company’s expert tea tasters is an occasion to discover novelty tastes: strong teas with character from Yunnan (China), light, floral note, first flush teas from Darjeeling (India), or Gyokuro, a very refined tea from Japan. Constantly searching for unique harvests, the expert tea tasters use their « memory » for tastes and smells in order to discover new teas with all of their subtle aspects and to propose them for your tasting pleasure.