Loose teas

Tea is sold in various forms: loose or tea bag. Loose tea must be preserved in the dark and in air tight conditions. The tea must be kept far from aromas such as coffee and spices, like butter, tea absorbs odors. There is no strict expiration date as tea never becomes harmful for your health; only the flavours evaporate with time. The recommendation is to have a small stock of tea which is regularly renewed. This also permits a regular renewal of different flavours and types, allowing the customer to choose between the constantly evolving ranges available at George Cannon. It is not unusual that a flavoured tea amateur is tempted by the « grand crus », and never returns to drinking flavoured teas. Like wine, it is essential to accustom ones pallet to new flavours. For best conservation, it is suggested to keep your « primeur » teas in the refrigerator. George Cannon proposes more than 600 references of loose famous origin and flavoured teas in its tea shop in Paris.

Tea bags

Several types of tea bags are available: paper, nylon or gauze… The creation of the tea bag in 1908 was an accident. A New Yorker, Thomas Sullivan had no other solution but to send his tea samples wrapped in gauze. The idea of a tea bag was born! Today more than two thirds of the French tea market is tea bags. The cheapest is the paper tea bag which uses either ground or broken grades and is produced in large quantities. The nylon or cotton tea bag permits more limited production with whole leaves, allowing for a larger variety of better quality teas. The variety of tea bags proposed by George Cannon develops each year in response to an ever increasing demand. Here you can find several of our nylon (mostly biodegradable) or cotton gauze tea bag references.


To diversify the loose tea activity and to answer to customer demand, the George Cannon Company has developed an expertise in product labelling. We offer you a personalized service for all your events: year-end gifts, corporate gifts, a line of products created in your name. We can create high quality products using your company colours. Our marketing team is available to accompany you in the realization of your product. If you are interested, an estimate can be made. Do not hesitate to contact us to get our offer for the production of your personalized product. Because the creation of your products promotes our teas, we will satisfy your demands with original and unique products.

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