Olivier Scala

Coming from a family of tea importers for 5 generations, Olivier Scala began his career at 25 and is initiated very quickly to the skills of tea tasting and buying by his father, Raymond Scala. He occupies the position of taster and purchaser from 1984 until 1988, when he takes over the direction of the company. Under his direction the well-known family owned company will develop its image and volume over the years. In addition to his company responsibilities, Olivier Scala becomes the President of the French « Syndicat  Français du Thé et des Plantes à Infusion » (STEPI). He held this position from 1997 to 1999. Further, he was President of the European « Comité Européen du Thé » (1998-1999) and is President of the French « Comité Français du Thé » from 1988 to this day. With STEPI and CFT members, Olivier Scala initiated the first Tea Festival in Paris in 2005. He also animates conferences at the University of Tea and in various schools in the hotel and food industries. He is called upon often for his knowledge in his domain. With the participation of Marie Grézard and Patrick Aufauvre, Olivier Scala has written « Thés » a tea reference edited by Solar.

Augustin Scala

Youngest of three children and passionate about tea and the story it tells, Augustin Scala decided to join the company in 2006. Like his father, he is initiated to the techniques of tea tasting and selection. Numerous trips to tea producing countries and many hours of tea tasting have permitted him to acquire his expertise. His work in the company laboratory has also allowed him to create several perfumed blends which carry the George Cannon name. His arrival at George Cannon was concomitant to the creation of the George Cannon line of products and the opening of the shop in Paris. Epicurean, Augustin Scala likes to associate cooking and tea. He has imagined several recipes which are available in the Paris tea house, rue Notre Dame des Champs. In 2014 he became General Director of George Cannon.