Thirty years of research and original blends created by Olivier and Augustin Scala have permitted George Cannon to become a major player in this market. Developed and manufactured in the family owned factory, George Cannon produces a wide range of perfumed blends based on black, green, white and other teas. From single fruit teas such as lemon, orange flower or cinnamon to emblematic blends such as « La Moukère de Sidi Kaouki » (green tea, mint, rose and orange flower), « Rouge Baiser » (green tea, vanilla, caramel, red berries, citrus fruits), « Pavillon Blanc » (white tea, pineapple, peach, pear), « Secret Tibetain » (black and green tea, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, bergamot) ; the selection is large. The originality of the more than 600 unique flavoured teas (of which 250 are proposed in the Paris tea house) will seduce you!

Each tea colour necessitates a specific water temperature and specific infusion time. The table with our suggested water temperatures and infusion times is reproduced below.

Herbal teas

Plants for infusions such as linden, verbena and mint are becoming more and more appreciated and in demand. Often associated with well-being (draining and purifying) and “detox” qualities, these plants are also appreciated for their delicate flavours. At George Cannon, all of our infusions are theine free and produced on the premises.

In our tea house you can find our Rooibos blends: « Reunion » (chocolate and vanilla), « Royal » (citrus fruits); or our Mate blends: « Mélange des Amazones » (ginger). You can also found our hibiscus based fruity blends: « Bora Bora » (mango, guava, orange) or « Douceurs de France » (red and black berries, apple). All of these original combinations will seduce you. You will discover unique and exclusive flavours!

Olivier and his son Augustin, legendary flavour creators, propose to imagine and create for you the tea of your dreams. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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