Discover our large selection of accessories imported from Japan. These include cast iron and porcelain teapots for daily use, finely finished presentation boxes as well as products more specific for tea-tasting. The Kyusus is used for tasting the Gyokuru while the bowls, whipping utensils and fans are used in the famous « Cha-No-Yu » ceremony.


China, a country steeped in tea tradition, offers elegant and colorful tea accessories. Terra cotta or porcelain tea services, zhongs, especially designed for tea tasting green teas or glass tea services ideal for the infusion of Chinese sculpted teas are just a few examples.


These rare Taiwanese objects used by demanding tea amateurs are for you! We have selected some exceptional Taiwanese ceramics created by famous local artisans. The fine lines and small dimensions make these an ideal gift for any amateur or collectioner of tea accessories. Each tea pot has a small aluminum filter at the pouring spout.

Other accessories

We also propose accessories from around the world: Russia, Turkey, Vietnam or Europe. The accessories here are chosen for their quality as well as for their secular usage. For example, the gourde is typical for the tasting of Maté on the South American continent. 

Tea time accessories

Necessary for tea preparation, we have selected a number of quality objects such as tea spoons, sieves, filters and tea balls...