Uda Pussellawa

Uda Pusselawa, located between the Kandy and Uva districts is the smallest of the seven tea producing districts in Ceylon. The district is completely covered with tea trees since the Pusselawa district does not have a town; it only has villages that are inhabited by the plantation workers. The climatic conditions are diametrically opposed to those of the western plantations. The teas of Uda Pussellawa can logically be compared to those Nuwara Eliya because of their proximity. Several differences can be noted. There are two harvests, not one. One harvest, from January to April (the « western season »), is in the west and produces high quality teas with body and flowery and perfumed notes. The second harvest in the east (« eastern season ») of slightly superior quality, and takes place from July to September. The teas are perfumed and delicately flowery (rose) with relatively strong body, character and gentleness. Pussellawa teas are cultivated between 950 and 1600 meters in altitude; they are « middle” and « high grown » teas. Depending on the altitude and relief Uda Pussellawa produces constant teas of all grades and types: long leaf, broken leaf and ground.