The first tea plantations in Ceylon were in Kandy and one of the oldest and well known was created by James Taylor who is buried in Kandy. Kandy teas are harvested between 650 and 1300 meters in altitude and are primarily « middle-grown » teas. The majority of the Kandy plantations is located on the western slopes and is harvested during the first quarter of the year when the weather is dry and relatively cool. The teas have a lot of body: the cup is present and forceful and the liquid is bright and colorful (copper red). Woody and artichoke notes are predominant. Kandy produces all of the grades of tea: pointed FOP and OP teas of a very good quality; excellent pekoe, FBOP and BOP; Fannings and other relatively strong ground leaf teas. Kandy has begun to produce CTC teas, but the quality has not reached that of the “orthodox” teas.