Dimbula or Dimbulla and Kandy are in the oldest tea plantation districts on the island. The region has remained sparsely populated and wild. Large variations in climate and altitude have an important influence on the harvests and the quality of the tea produced. The teas in this region are cultivated between 1100 and 1600 meters in altitude, but the majority of the gardens are at over 1250 meters. Dimbula is « the » region of high-grown teas. From the end of December to the end of March or mid- April, the climate in Dimbula is very favorable for tea cultivation. The best teas are produced during this « quality season ». The teas harvested during this period are have a relatively small leaf and the harvest period is longer than that in plains. The flavour of these teas is characterized a strong flowery (jasmine) perfume (vegetable/woodsy/cypress) aroma. The prolonged fresh flavour in the mouth leaves one with the impression of thirst quenching and well-being. The production is in majority broken leaf teas (BOP) but excellent long leaf teas are also cultivated (OP, OP1, and BOP1).